Anger, Agitation, Anxiety

One thought on “Anger, Agitation, Anxiety”

  1. First of all it is freaking fantastic…..FREAKING FANTASTIC that you have added exercise to your daily routine. Your right….mental health has done a number on your mind and body but you are a warrior and you keep fighting for the ground you have and hold the line! The only person you need to compare yourself to is the you from yesterday, the only person who would have any right to critique or criticize you is someone who has walked in your shoes or yourself.
    The mere fact that you got up and did something for yourself that you detest is a testament to the self worth and self value that is in you. Sometimes we have to dig deep but its there and it grew from the moments in your life journey when you tasted success, when you over came adversity, when you made someone else laugh and many other moments like these. You are amazing! You are strong! You are courageous! You are inspirational!


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