Backyard Photos with older Nikon

sunset in backyard

Most of these were taken with older Nikon directly out my living room window.


  1. What a view you have! Thanks for sharing. Amazing photos. I especially love to see quail. When I used to drive down Glenrose on my way to the freeway and work down town I’d see them. They’d scoot all the young off into the bush and one brave selfless soul would run along in front of my car to lead me away. Took a while before I could get going again. And I was usually on the verge of being late, but I loved to see them anyway. I hope that hawk is not eating one?

    Cheers, RaNae

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    1. That hawk grabbed a pigeon right by the patio. They don’t care if we’re in the backyard or not. When they zero in they don’t care who’s nearby. They’re much worse during the winter


      1. I guess they are hungry. Beautiful to see though, in a sad sort of way. Glad it’s a pigeon and not a quail. Shouldn’t play favorites on living beings, I know. . .

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