Coping, sort of

2 thoughts on “Coping, sort of”

  1. Hi Chauna. I have missed seeing things from you. I guess I could have reached out, but I have been in not the best shape myself. I too have realized in the recent past that mood medication is part of my life to stay. Except for my hell year of depression I thought I would not recover from, my journey is easy compared to what you describe. Without my dear partner I probably wouldn’t be here.

    I’m glad to hear you are doing better. It has been a hellish year. And sounds even more hellish for people with bi polar and anxiety. Good for you with sticking to efforts to help yourself. It can’t have been easy. I hate changing meds and then waiting for them to kick in.

    Looks like photography is a natural for you. I love your photography. What amazing shots. You’ve made a wonderful backyard also. Thanks for sharing.

    Best, RaNae

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