July 12, 2021

It has been very,very hot here. Which means short periods outside and pictures through my window instead of outside in the heat. The bees are frantically trying to get the last of the pollen from my lavender plants. It’s crazy how loud these busy little bees are! The plants are humming!

It was nice to get outside today and take advantage of some of the sunshine. Come winter the yard is mostly sparrows, quail and pheasant. I do have my murder of crows led by Edgar and Edna Poe. They bring their entire family by in the morning. The other morning they stood on the roof and chattered. I get so wrapped up in watching them that I never have my camera ready. I need to get up earlier in the morning and set up the tripod while they’re playing in the field.

It’s been too hot this week to see many hummingbirds. They don’t visit until late evening when the light is trickier. The picture I got today was in the shade. As an experiment I changed it to black and white. I’d much rather see their brilliant colors. Oh well, adventure continues. 🙂

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