Crows playing

The crows in the field behind my house were having quite a time yesterday. We have a new school being built behind us and the crows have loved playing in the dirt piles and holes the construction crews have made. The landscapers just finished installing the lawn for sports fields this week. During the early morning and right before sunset a family of crows comes out and plays in the sprinklers and with the lawn. I’ve watched them pull up the edges of sod and throw the grass around, hop by the sprinkler heads while going, and pick up stuff in the worksite and carry it around. Yesterday I watched the family of 6 thrown around and chase each other with a piece of rope. I wasn’t sure exactly what they were throwing around. I thought it was a snake. This made me love them even more. If they are getting the snakes, then I don’t have to. YIKES! I tried to get a picture of them playing in field, but they were a bit far away for my lens to pick up. It was very hazy too due to our nearby fires. I did get a fairly good shot of one of them dropping the rope they were playing with. Then I was yelled at for going outside where they could see me. I assume I was being yelled at. Or laughed at. I’m not sure. Hopefully I can get a bit closer and cleaner shots next time.