Backyard breakfast company

It was a pleasant morning temperature wise today so I took my coffee and bagel outside. We’re surrounded by wildfires right now so we try and take advantage of the breaks in poor air quality. I sat down with my breakfast and was quickly,and not very quietly joined by two visitors. The large family of crows that live in the field and trees behind the house sometimes come to the yard for a drink out of one of the bird baths. This morning one sat on the fence clicking at me while I was drinking my coffee. When their buddy showed up I gave in. I walked to the fence and handed over my plain mini bagel. They presented a strong argument and I gave in. Even the crows know I’m a sucker 🤣

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  1. I don’t think there is anything more wonderful than knowing you are breakfasting with Edger and Allen! This is simply marvelous. *and something a bird magazine might find very intriguing 🙂


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