September Bees and Fall Blues

This week I went outside in yard to test a new set of extension tubes I purchased for macrophotography. The tubes were an inexpensive way to get close up pictures. They felt, well, inexpensive. The tubes were a bit hard to get on and off which made me a bit nervous. Overall the pictures turned out ok. It took a bit to get used to the view through them. I got startled by a wasp I thought was right in front of my face and fell out of a flip flop. I did get a few great shots of the wasp fighting a bee for a flower. The bee was about as happy as I was to see that wasp.

The bees are getting a bit frantic. The last of the lavender and other flowers are about gone. Not only are they a bit aggressive towards other bees, but me as well. I was outside in flip flops with bright white and yellow stripes on them and me feet got buzzed multiple times. Note to self..put on socks and shoes for close up photography. LOL In the end I gave them a bit more space and changed to a larger lens. I was lucky and got a really cool shot of a bee with its tongue out.

I’ve been watching two praying mantis in the front yard lavender since the end of August. They’ve been busy feasting on bees, wasps, spiders and who knows what else. They used to get really jumpy and turned their heads to follow where I was going. More than once I was afraid one was going to jump towards me. I think they may be at the end of their life cycle now. They both have some dark brown spots on them and they barely move now.

Unfortunately with the fall and winter come my depressive swings. Now is the time to make medication check up appointments, schedule therapy sessions, and make sure medication scripts are full. This summer the camera has helped tremendously with mood management. I got out more, had something to focus on and enjoyed the yard. Now the flowers are ending, the feeders only have sparrows at them and I haven’t seen my crow family for weeks. Once winter arrives I’m not sure how much help the camera will be. I suppose I will be back to baking as a coping skill. Bring on the smell of fresh baked bread ๐Ÿ™‚

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