Had to improvise today

It’s a rainy, cold day in the PNW today. The leaves are falling fast and snow is on the way. I am not a fan. I hate being cold. The winter isn’t great for my overall mood either. Because I’ve set a goal for myself of 20 pictures a day I had to figure out what I was going to do. Do I really want to put on rain gear and head out? I was just about to pack stuff up when I heard one of the cats chittering at the window. Our cats are indoor only. That doesn’t mean they aren’t great bird watchers. In fact they know what the word “birds” means. When I say it they run to the backyard windows for a closer look. One of the indoor bird watchers was going nuts at one of the screen doors. I took my camera in and stretched out by the window. The rain had forced quite a collection of sparrows and finches under the pergola for a break. I lay on the floor with my bird alarm and snapped today’s 20 plus pictures. Goal complete. I even had company 🙂


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