Sparrows, Finches, quail and a Coopers Hawk

Even when it’s freezing out the sparrows fight over the water bowl. One of the male sparrows was kind of a jerk. He jumped on others and was loud and pushy. It was snowing and the light wasn’t great but you can see him being a jerk.

The Horned Larks usually stay in the field behind house. Because of the deep snow they’ve ventured into the yard for an easy meal.

This Cooper’s Hawk also used the yard as a free lookout spot. The finches have been insane in the yard and the hawks love going after them. I tried to get a few pictures of the finches in the tree and around the feeder. There were so many I couldn’t fit them in the shot! I only had my phone nearby so those pictures aren’t great. The hawk did a few passes past the window then sat on fence for awhile so I had time to grab my camera.