Some fun with Lightroom and Photoshop

It has been cloudy and cold for a few weeks now. The gloomy grey sky really starts to affect my mood and not in a good way. This weekend we had a small break in the cloudy weather so I went out and took advantage of the light.

I have Lightroom on my desktop and Photoshop Express on my iPad and phone. The more I use them the more I learn. There are some interesting preset and auto edits available and tons of other tools to change your pictures. The biggest thing I’ve learned so far is …keep the original picture and edit the copy. I’ve made tons of mistakes. I’ve changed the original accidentally, ruined the pixel count or deleted the raw image more times then I can count. There are tutorials available on the programs and I highly recommend looking at them. If I look back to when I bought my D500 and the pictures I was taking then compared to now I can definitely see improvement. I look at composition more, light more, and think more about what I want to accomplish. Of course there are always happy accidents. And some of the “mistakes” turn into great opportunities for creativity. So take pictures, make mistakes and have fun. There’s an opportunity for learning in every snap.