Landscape and other random edits

It was a slow picture week so I decided to play with some editing programs. I made a copy of the original first, something I neglected to do when first starting out, then used Lightroom and Photoshop Express to manipulate the copies. I take most of my pictures in RAW format and place a copy on an external hard drive to save computer space. Once I crop or edit picture it gets converted to a JPEG. The more changes I do to the picture the smaller the pixel count becomes and I end up losing a lot of detail. I haven’t figured out how to prevent this from happening yet. It helps that I at least keep an untouched original RAW photo now. I used some Color Pop, saturation changes, cropping, white balance, exposure, and black and white editing on the pictures below. The original photo is the first picture in the sequence. Sometimes I like the vivid false colors, and sometimes the alteration is just too weird for me.

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