Violet green swallows

The river, pond and field are loaded with these small swallows. They dive and skim the water for bugs. The swallows are fast and super hard to photograph. I made a small video of where I sit to take pictures. There were hundreds out and I was lucky enough to get a few decent shots. I only took 500 or so lol. I even got a few pictures of them napping in the sun not far from my chair.

The first group of shots was a few weeks ago and we were super excited about them. The second group was taken yesterday. It was early morning and I had sun behind me so light was amazing. I set the camera to shutter priority and got much better results. I started with 1/2000 and increased from there.

I attached a video of what I see before I start taking pictures. It was windy so itโ€™s a bit noisy. You can see how tiny and erratic they are.

This is where I sit and take most of my pictures. This pond connects to the river,marmots are on the hill next to me, and thereโ€™s a small field behind me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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