The Week of April 17, 2022

We got motivated last weekend and went to the pond very early. My thinking was I could get settled early and not disturb the wildlife as much as I do at 10 am. A good theory that didn’t work this particular morning. It turned out to be very cloudy and very cold. Zero activity! Birds were quiet. Geese were snuggled together in a group. Marmots poked head out for a weather check then we never saw them again. Pretty slow day. After sitting in the cold until our hands and faces were numb, we gave up. Just as we were leaving the sun decided to poke through and we got a flurry of swallow activity. I grabbed a few shots and a short video while sitting in the truck on way out. Sometimes you come home with a thousand pictures, sometimes you are lucky to get 20. Hopefully this weekend we will have better conditions. Once summer hits I’m sure I’ll be wishing it was cooler. You get what you get 🙂

I had help with editing


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