Lighter camera system

The arthritis in my hands sometimes makes it difficult to hold my large Nikon dslr. The D850 with the 105mm macro lens or the 200-500mm are really difficult to handle some days. I love the colors that the Nikon system puts out and the detail of the D850 is hard to beat. I needed to find something smaller and easier to handle during arthritis flare ups. Enter my new Olympus Em1 mark iii. The micro 4/3 system is lighter, has image stabilization in body and is 20 mp. I purchased the following lenses (used) a macro 60 mm lens, 40-150mm R, and 12-45mm Pro. The Olympus menu system takes some getting used to. It’s complex and not as user friendly as Nikon. I took it out in the yard for some test shots. I am terrified of spiders and wasps so the quick electronic shutter was appreciated. I can easily handhold and the extra options like focus stacking and Pro Capture are really fun.

I cropped some of these and used basic enhancements with color. All editing done in my IMac photos app.

I can’t wait to do some star photography with this camera. Overall I’m super excited about this camera. Birds in backyard are next test.