Turkey Vultures

A large group of 4-6 turkey vultures have been flying above the school behind our house. There is a large field next to the school and further down the fence line a farm. I’ve never seen them in the area before. Hawks,yes. Sometimes eagles. Crows and pigeons,yes. We had a week of 100+ temperatures and I’m wondering what baby quail or other animals didn’t make it. These birds are HUGE. They swoop around the field then fly along the fence line. Because they are a dark bird in a bright blue sky I’m having a hard time getting a good picture. The heat haze and now wildfire smoke also makes it challenging.

I used my Nikon D500 with Sigma 150-600mm and my Olympus Em1mark iii with a 100-400 mm. I start out in manual mode shutter at 800, f 11-16. Still loosing detail. It’s better if sun is behind me so I have to wait for them to circle around. Getting better. Clear blue skies are tricky

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