New camera practice

I took advantage of sales this Thanksgiving and purchased and OM1. The weather has been freezing cold and snowy so testing outside hasn’t been great. We finally had a sunny day this past week and I took some test shots with my 100-400mm lens and a handheld 50mp with my 12-40mm lens. All were taken as jpegs

The focusing options are very tricky and I definitely have a great deal to learn. The OM1 has subject recognition which blew my mind. The cat recognition setting found and locked in on their eyes no problem. The bird setting found a little song sparrow hiding in a bush and held focus as well. I’m still working out focus area settings. Most of these were set to large focus area and CAF to see what it would grab. I can’t wait for warmer weather to continue practicing. This camera has a mind blowing weather rating so I may have to bundle up and brave the cold. I can’t wait for summer macro.

All photos are mine. All rights reserved

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