July 30,2021

It has been very hot here. We’re looking at another few days of over 100 temps here in the PNW. It’s not normal and is really tough on the summer birds. This summers new baby finches, sparrows really struggle. We now have a multiple bird baths to help out on hot days. We have quail … Continue reading July 30,2021

Crows playing

The crows in the field behind my house were having quite a time yesterday. We have a new school being built behind us and the crows have loved playing in the dirt piles and holes the construction crews have made. The landscapers just finished installing the lawn for sports fields this week. During the early … Continue reading Crows playing

July 12, 2021

It has been very,very hot here. Which means short periods outside and pictures through my window instead of outside in the heat. The bees are frantically trying to get the last of the pollen from my lavender plants. It’s crazy how loud these busy little bees are! The plants are humming! It was nice to … Continue reading July 12, 2021

Coping, sort of

The last year has been horrible for my mental health. I typically have two major mood episodes a year. The swings present themselves in the same way and pretty much during the same time of year. The last year threw my “normal” into chaos. I’ve had an increase in depressive episodes, longer manic episodes, and … Continue reading Coping, sort of