July 30,2021

It has been very hot here. We’re looking at another few days of over 100 temps here in the PNW. It’s not normal and is really tough on the summer birds. This summers new baby finches, sparrows really struggle. We now have a multiple bird baths to help out on hot days. We have quail … Continue reading July 30,2021

Fire season in PNW

It is fire season in the PNW. June through September we battle fire after fire along with poor air quality. It makes for some nervous and uncomfortable surroundings some days. Last week we sat in our living room and watched the planes and helicopters carry water to a nearby one. I can’t imagine what the … Continue reading Fire season in PNW

July 12, 2021

It has been very,very hot here. Which means short periods outside and pictures through my window instead of outside in the heat. The bees are frantically trying to get the last of the pollen from my lavender plants. It’s crazy how loud these busy little bees are! The plants are humming! It was nice to … Continue reading July 12, 2021