The calm of the camera

My new found interest of photography, while expensive, has been more satisfying than I could have imagined. Not only does the process of moving help with my bipolar symptoms , but the technical aspects of photography in general have been very therapeutic. The planning, adjusting of settings, taking the photograph, and the process of editing have all helped with my bipolar management. Photography has given me an interest, a goal. My camera has given me a coping mechanism that I never imagined possible. Photography has given me focus. I learn something new everyday I use my camera. During the racing brain times of mania the camera helps to slow down and divert energy in a positive way. During the depressive episodes photography has helped to keep me moving and engaged in the world. My camera has been an invaluable coping tool. I have also enjoyed watching my growth and skill improvement as the journey has gone on. The camera has provided me a new way to look at the world around me and has kept me engaged in a positive way. I can’t wait to see how my skills progress.

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